Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moho is taking a break for a bit....

Yeah Moho wants to take it easy for the next month so yeah. I had him tling a lot of stuff so far. Not to mention, he's helping other fansubs groups as well as mine. He deserves it. Don't worry, we got plenty to work from what he's done. He's not our only tler but still, he's one of our best. We'll let him go chug some cold ones and pass the time lounging on the beaches of lake titicaca.(hehe titty..) When he comes back, he said he'll get started on catching up on whatever he's behind in and start on some new shows including one that the old school peeps will enjoy. I've seen it mentioned around and Moho wanted to do it and I got the dvds from him already so yeah. Also, more new stuff will be popping up(well stuff I had on the back burner LC, etc..etc..)in the future too. More releases to come folks. ^^


  1. Always good to just take a break from stressful things, especially when helping many groups at once. Enjoy it Moho sensei, I thought the hehe would be for caca(means sh!t in spanish XD ). Look forward to seeing more LoveCom releases, but patiently, since those have to be typed and timed, etc.

  2. Yeah I'll try my best get more LC out as we're almost done with the tying of the scripts.