Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 32 released!

Sorry for the huge delay on this. That's probably the face I'm getting right about now. I could've had this out like last week but, I got lazy. XD Yes, you can stab me with knives, I deserve it. 33 shouldn't take to long though. We'll keep trying to get these out at a steady pace. We want to try to go for 1-2 episodes every other day or week. Somewhere in that area. We'll do our best to catch up to PRDMF as it is all caught up tled wise. We still have to work on setting up the scripts and such but when we're done, we'll be most likely please with out results. Again, sorry and rape my dead corpse later as it'll probably be after my friend that lives here jumps me for taking so long lol. Brought to you by us and Wasurenai.

Uh oh.....

PRAD 32 576p H264

PRAD 32 400p XviD

PRAD 32 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 32 400p XviD DDL


  1. How can you write "rape my dead corpse"... >_>
    1) You're alive.
    2) One line of QCing and insert songs won't be done without you.
    3) Team cheerleading will fail and group collapse...

  2. When are you going to upload 33

  3. thanks alot, you have done a great job
    waiting for ep33/34 after QC finished....
    good luck