Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lovely Complex DVD 13 released!

Alright, no more waiting. It's time to get this show out. It's been too long. ^^ I got a lot of ground to cover so here we go. More LC in a long time. Brought to you by us and Kira-subs.

LC DVD 13 480p H264

LC DVD 13 480p H264 DDL


  1. hellz ya! can't wait for more LC!

  2. Yeah! thanks for continuing ^^

  3. Finally, a new DVD episode of LoveCom, thanx and hopefully we get a new one out soon as well, only 11 more episodes to go to finish this one up.

  4. Miracles are real Daddy........!

  5. I'm definitely either waiting for this release or just sticking to the TV-rips. No need to get that other random release by somebody who doesn't include any song translations because they want to push their personal preferences on others. Agenda-based subbing = fail.

  6. Posting this here, as it is likelier to be read^^
    I just compared episode 1 from [KS-K] with the one from [Wilfried]:
    KS-K is sharper, Wilfried has black borders on the sides. KS-K has karaoke.
    Thus, I see no reason not to wait for KS-K :)

    But I do have a complaint: I skimmed through the first ep and dislike the lack of TL notes.
    Ex. 1: 01:24, "My name is 'Koizumi'. Sorry, it's not 'Oizumi'" <- I guess they translate to tall and small? I quickly got the KissSubs version and compared. They explained it.
    Ex. 2: 03:05, "I could call you Kyoushinhei instead..." <- no idea what that translates to
    Ex. 3: 03:26, "Hey, what about All Hanshin-Kyojin over there?" <- had to google this

    I guess that the other episodes are the same. I know that KissSubs is hard-subbed, but it's really bothering not to have TL notes. It would be a shame to consider getting the TV version, which has a horrible video quality... Nonetheless, your version is the best DVD version available.

    1. Sorry for the lack of them. My team decided when we first started to just leave them out unless they were really important. I did cover some though. I'm just trying to get them done and out for the moment. To tell the truth, just keep them both. I plan on doing that anyways. ^^

  7. Thank you for still working on this!