Monday, January 21, 2013

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Announced!

So as we are a fan of series, we just got this announcement for the third season of PRAD called Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime. Since this has come upon me, it is time for me to go into hyperdrive on PRAD and finish it out quick. That way we can atleast be on the 2nd season when this starts airing. As you can see, we have been tling the 2nd season every week since it's airing and updating the status on it and will continue too as always. Same with this new season. So just get prepared for alot of shoujo dancing. It will be a joint with Wasurenai as always as well.


  1. Looking forward to when your take gets posted in regards to this. But does anyone know if the story plot of this anime has been posted yet? From what I see here, it looks like it's gonna me a little more than just dancing and singing (while still keeping that formula that make this series very popular in the first place).

  2. Ayase Naru is an 8th grader who can see the colors of music when she listens to it. For Naru, who is extremely good at decorating, becoming the owner of a shop like Dear Crown was her dream. One day, she finds out that the manager of a newly-opened shop is recruiting middle school girls who can do Prism Dance, and immediately applies. Naru begins to Prism Dance at the audition, and an aura she's never experienced spreads out in front of her. At that moment, a mysterious girl named Rinne asks her if she can see rainbow music.

    It pretty much the same format.