Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Well here we go, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future 1 released!

Here we go PRAD fans, the start of the second season(well, atleast for us lol) has begun. Now let me get a few things out that I've been asked...

1. This show will be 720p so we had to and we will in the future have to resize stuff and whatnot.
2. Styles will stay the same with new styles being added throughout the series.(mostly songs)
3. The entire series is tled and as I type Moho is already tling and catching up on Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. So thank him for tling this entire show already for us to work on and fly through hopefully. We are still considering starting Rainbow Live together as well with this show..we'll see...Also Mia's talking is just nuts in this show so don't jump us if you see weird ass sentences LOL.

We had another typesetter, but she has disappeared which we were hoping didn't happen, but usually does >_<. We are working with another one at the moment. If good enough, we'll have more help on this series and get stuff out sooner. I lost coax so I'm editing it myself while tons of other series at once. Come back COAX!!! *sob* Still, we'll do our best to hop these out. Our plan is to get the other OP/EDs done for karaoke and such so DJ can encode episodes in sets by the OP/EDs. Still, please enjoy the start of the sequel while we huff and puff and blow out more releases. Get ready for tons of new songs as well. Here's our new staff for this while I get credits done to add into future episodes. As always, Brought to you by us and Wasurenai. Milky 4 should be next.  

RAW Provision: Zdm321 
Translation: Moho Kareshi 
Translation Check: Asairo 
Timing: Ekke, teme, freekie, Astrumerus 
Editing: Webbmaster62 
Signs & Effects: Langes01x 
Karaoke: Asairo, doplank (logo) 
Quality Check: Fuko_Ibuki, Webbmaster62 
Encoding: Dj|D 
Distro: Zdm321, Webbmaster62 
Project Supervision: Webbmaster62, Dj|D, Asairo  

Dj also wants to do a poll. He wants to know how many people want xvids or not. He's not fond of doing them and was gonna just do mkv releases for this series, but he wants to see how many people want them. Please post in the comments below and let us know. Poll will end in about 2 days after this release. If there's a ton of people wanting it, we'll do them. We might consider mp4s as well.

EDIT 2: Poll is over. We will do SD. DJ still will watch the numbers of how many xvids are dled to see if he continues doing them in the future.

PRDMF 1 720p H264

PRDMF 1 720p H264 DDL

PRDMF 1 400p Xvid

PRDMF 1 400p Xvid DDL


  1. do the mkv the new windows media player keeps looking for a server on avi,mp4,mpg.
    thanks for the new anime

  2. 480p .mkv would be nice...

    1. This show is 720p this time so it would depend how we do the xvids if we do them so keep letting us know folks.

  3. Thank you for release. Keep 480p version please

  4. We need SD version. I don't mind if it is XviD, mp4 or mkv. Thanks.

  5. Please don't drop 480p. Thanks.

    I want to keep watching Pretty Rhythm...
    AVIs for everything else, but not this??

    1. Patience; besides, that's what said poll is about. As for me, I too vote that we need SD encodes for this too whether it be .avi or .mp4

      The HD encode still looks good, but still.

  7. Hardsubbed version would be most appreciated. Please don't be one of those groups that turns their noses up at AVIs. It continues to show the skill at which you encode them, which sadly is becoming more and more of a lost art.

  8. Ah yeah! In terms of this first episode of PR: DMF, we're off to a great start already. I was laughing out loud at certain moments in the episode. Looking forward to more as they come along.

  9. I vote for avi too!

  10. Thanks for the SD release!

  11. I'm just curious about the reasoning since so many ppl seem to want one or all of these; 480p (or less), avi, xvid or hard subs...

    Why? @_@ I can't think of any reason I would ever want anything but the highest quality mkv releases I can get my hands on.

    we're in the year 2013, so unless its a case of still running hardware/software 10+ years old, or having some weird urge to lock out the option of sub font/size/colour changes, I'm not getting it. storage space or data limit shouldn't be an issue for anyone. Personally I find being able to override sub font, size and colour invaluable if nothing else and couldn't live without it, so why? ^w^

    1. I think the best way to reply to your question is with a question of my own... what if folks don't have access to equipment that properly plays back 1080p/720p 10-bit h.264 softsubs, and they can't afford such equipment? Are you going to penalize them for basically not having the latest hardware?

      Yes, you can tell them to buy new computer equipment, but personally, I would ignore any such advice unless the money to buy the equipment is in my hands.

      Let me also give you another example of having the latest hardware, and yet be unable to play back a 720p softsubbed release. My new Macbook Air will not play this file properly if I stick to sandboxed applications from the App Store. Are you telling me that if there is only a high quality version, I'm out of luck?

    2. Well, those "so many ppl" are not you. Here're some possible lines of reasoning.

      Some people prefer .avi/.mp4/hardsubs at certain <720p resolutions for consoles, phones, tablets, and other non-PC playback devices that might not support softsubs and definitely don't support 10-bit h264.

      As for me, my 3 GHz P4 with 512 MB RAM and a 1024x768 screen will not play 1280x720 without lag if mildly complex subtitle effects and/or demanding high-motion scenes are present. And I bought it in 2005, so it's not (quite) "10+ years old." You might tell me to buy new equipment that can handle HD, and in fact I have recently done so. However, with the size of my HDTV (32") and my viewing distance (7'-8'), the benefits of 720p are barely visible, so all other factors being equal, it's more size- and bandwifth-efficient to stick with SD.

      So while I don't *need* SD like I did in the past, it's still my resolution of choice. I'd be fine with 480p softsubbed .mkv, but I understand that's not as hardware-compatible as other formats.

      "storage space or data limit shouldn't be an issue for anyone."
      Not everybody lives in a prosperous country with good Internet infrastructure. Some of us live in the USA X|

      "I find being able to override sub font, size and colour invaluable if nothing else and couldn't live without it, "
      I assume you didn't install popular forced-by-complex-typesetting update xy-vsFilter then, because for many months, it held viewers hostage to fansubbers' styling choices. And maybe still does.

  12. thanks guys, as I said I'm just curious, and would like to know other peoples perspectives. I'm certainly not most ppl, and I've only ever used pc's for playback. I tend to forget that plenty of hardware doesn't support subs, 10-bit files and such. thanks for the input, all makes perfect sense :)
    I carry around a 11" netbook when im away from my pc and just watch on that or hdmi it into TV's for nice 720/1080 viewing. best $250 I've spent, it handles 10-bit and anything else I can throw at it even with its low spec. some softsub/dxva files don't like media player, so I use vlc when I have to. (might try that on the new MacBook air, it seems to play anything).
    And no I've not had any issues with not being able to override sub styles, however sometimes I have problems with scaling and positioning errors with certain files (i always have size boosted due to years of watching anime in darkened rooms making me blind) xD