Wednesday, August 14, 2013

XviD AVI encode scheduling

Due to some recent comments during releases, I would like to explain how we do XviD AVI encodes here.

First, the person doing the XviD encodes is sometimes not the encoder for the h.264 release, since not all of our encoders like doing XviD encodes, and they may not be particularly equipped to do so efficiently.  We typically will divide the XviD encodes among the staff members who are able to make such encodes.

For the vast majority of projects, the h.264 version gets released first.  The person that is assigned the XviD encode usually does not get notice that the encode is needed until a bit later after the release.  Depending on the encoder's time and the current items on their list of episodes to encode, it may be anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days when the XviD version is encoded and released.  We would like to ask that you all have patience as we will eventually get them.

The one series that is an exception to this process is Idol Densetsu Eriko, as the way it's released is different from every other project here.  For that project, we will typically almost always release the XviD version along with the h.264 version.

Also, I would like to personally apologize for the delay in getting Mizuiro Jidai XviDs out recently.  I am the one who is typically assigned to do the XviD encodes for that series, and they were in the back of about a 15 episode encoding backlog that I had to work through.


  1. Thanks for being able to make SD/avi encodes. I don't mind waiting for so long.

  2. I'd much rather have low-res releases a day or two later than not at all, so no complaints here.

    1. I made the post partially because several folks commented about not liking that XviD encodes were not coming out in a timely fashion. I can understand their frustration in a way, so it was appropriate to explain how we do things.