Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shin Koihime Musou - Live Revolution released!

Finally! Here's your Koihime fix! XD Anyways, this took a bit but we finally got it done. If you guys didn't know, it's a little concert that the producers decided to do for whatever reason. It's cute though. This was a joint effort with PF-subs so please go by there site and give them a big pervy hug. Also thank DmonHiro and Zero-Raws for the raws themselves.
Now that this is finished, we can start work on the OVA. So look for that in the future. Now, go grab it. XD

Koihime Concert 1080p H264

Koihime Concert 720p H264

Koihime Concert 400p XviD

Koihime Concert 400p DDL Xvid

Koihime Concert 720p DDL H264

All files or on bot in IRC channel.


  1. Hi there, thanks for a much awaited release.

    Unfortunately I found some TL errors, here's a list (there may be more). Hope this helps.


    I could eat *only* three bowls of rice

    (16.08) ... o-morashi suru no ga tama ni kizu na no da
    --> [who's as strong as me]... but the fact she wets her bed is her defect (o-morashi = peeing in your bed, like babies do) - reference to the episodes

    bureikou = party (informal) (not just "free and easy")

    how's my *loVely* fingering? (karei na yubitsukai)

    a panda is drawing a panda --> your write it "cat-bear" (see the kanji) but it's a panda

    onna no ko tte sou iu mon
    women's cottage honeymoon --> LOL it's: "girls are just like this"

    "writing friends builds friendship"
    tomo tomo tomo kaite tomodachi
    (you write "friend friend friend" and you get "friends" (the first two are kanji, the third is in hiragana))

    Quiet Tapioca love egg
    I don't know about the Tapioca thing but "she she" is Chinese for "Thank you" (see also Shin Koihime Musou Otome Tairan ED lyrics)

    I won't say I'm troublesome
    ruitomo nante iwasenai
    ruitomo: "hobby friend; friend gained through common interests or personality" (WWWJDIC)
    and it's not "I won't say" (which is "iwanai") but "I won't let you say / let others say" (that's "iwasenai" for you)

    "don't worry don't worry"
    ki ni shinai ki ni shinai
    -->rather that "don't worry" this is "don't mind, don't mind"