Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 9 Released!

We continue with PRAD as we promised when we got them. So here's ep. 9 and the look of a new mini arc. Rhythm...why the hell does she keep getting all the damm Prism Jumps?!?! Get in there and fight Aira! Expect some more as well. Same with Rio and Jidai. LC 10 should be ready by sometime this weekend.

Still need a tler for Shouwa, anyone interested, e-mail us please.

Torrent update: Torrent deleted off nyaa "by mistake an earlier version was released." Fixing at the moment...

PRAD 9 576p H264

PRAD 9 400p XviD

PRAD 9 576p H264 DDL

PRAD 9 400p XviD DDL


  1. Will there be links to this soon? Also what happened to LC and Jidai?