Friday, August 12, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate 5 released!

NYandere is a perv hehe. Well after a very long time, MMC finally was able to get some qcs outta the way! WOOT! So here comes more Rio! I know it took a long time but atleast we'll complete this series. To keep consistency with the series, we will go ahead and release all the rest of the TV version(with earthquakes messages and all on a few XD) then release the BDs versions with the clean slate. I know others have started doing it, but I feel I should just to know I did them I guess. This encode is an old one so the official lyrics and stuff will be in down the road. Same with the solo OPs that each character gets as we just edited the karaoke to fit those as well. Anyways, I'll be releasing more probably tomorrow and down the road. We're still tling the full OP for 13 but that's pretty much all 13 needs. More PRAD and LC coming as well. For the people that waited on us, enjoy. Sorry for the long delay. Hopefully, we'll get Milky Holmes BDs out and Onii BDs out as well as some are ready to go.

Rio 5 720p H264

Rio 5 400p XviD

Rio 5 720p H264 DDL

Rio 5 400p XviD DDL