Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sad News everyone...

It seems we lost HORUS as I can't reach him anymore. Meaning alot of the series we were planning to do just went out the door. That also means I lost my TLer for Shouwa and Seasons 1 and 3 of JewelPet that we were gonna get going. Wishing him the best whatever he's doing now but this does indeed suck. Now, I'm not gonna just drop them just yet as I haven't started them (well one) anyways. If I can get another TLer to take over for Shouwa, that would help. Then we can go from there. For now, I'll just focus on getting a TLer for Shouwa and work on all the old shows I planned on doing anyways which I am in the process of doing. If any TLers are interested in helping us out, give me a hollar on the shoutbox or KiteSeekersSubs@gmail.com to reach me. I only have 1 tler left as NYandere is still busy with work I believe. So more help is always welcomed. My goal in this group is too revive unfinished series that never got finished as you have seen....or shows that never got picked up or done.(Was gonna do danball but like 3-4 groups are about to do it XD) We do anything as I have stated before, but I do have a list of shows from members and stuff me and HORUS were planning on doing in the future. Anyways, Shouwa is stalled for now until I get a TLer again for it. Jewelpet seasons 1 and 3 are on hold at the moment.

P.S. Yes, that means the last Koihime OVA with the 3 chibi specials is stalled as well. *sniff* We'll get the thing going again with Pervert-fansubs as soon as we get a TLer for it. Or anything else for that matter...*rubs lucky stone*

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  1. what manga is this from if any? i want to see how the book is. please and thank you.