Friday, August 26, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate 6 released!

Yeah...I'm Rick James Bitch!

So we continue with Rio as I said I would. Things knocked me out last couple of days as I lost my comp and I'm now using a labtop. (not to fond of these...) Anyways, I'm still getting shit done behind the scenes and working like I always do. Distro buddy is back from vacation and I'm in full run again. Also, we're working on the Milky Holmes Special as I type. That thing is full of songs though....alot! As I will remind you guys, I will be doing the BDs of this afterwards so expect that. More Rio! Enjoy!

We'll get the DDL Links going again soon for the ones that don't have them.

Rio 6 720p H264

Rio 6 400p XviD

Rio 6 720p H264 DDL

Rio 6 400p XviD DDL